Toddlers Sort and Match Grains to Refine Their Language and Senses

Toddlers Sort and Match Grains to Refine Their Language and Senses As a Montessori educator, I’m always interested in sharing examples of educational activities parents can do with their children using everyday household objects. Sorting and matching grains of varying shapes and sizes, while closing their eyes, is a great way for a toddler to […]

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Children Master New Skills Removing a Button

Children Master New Skills Sewing and Removing a Button In my mentoring practice, I often advise sewing as a great educational activity for parents to do with their young child. There are various sewing exercises which can help to improve a child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination while simultaneously offering a practical life skill in the […]

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voila montessori children and chores

Montessori Philosophy, Children and Chores

Involve your Child with Daily Chores You’ve probably come across one or more articles that extol the virtues of getting children to help around the house. They make the point that children who do chores have better relationships with their parents, get higher grades, and even achieve more success in their professional lives as adults. […]

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Reach for These! Infant Toys.

Reach for These! Infant Toys. Whether finding the way across the carpet on all fours or manipulating objects with all five fingers, your infant is constantly expanding their physical and motor skills as they become familiar with the world around them. By placing a few visually-appealing “grasping toys” around their play area you will offer […]

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