Prime Your Child with the Primary Colors

Prime Your Child with the Primary Colors The “First Color Box” may look like an extremely simple and straightforward child’s activity, but that’s the point. It’s comprised of a plain wooden box with dual sets of primary color tablets stored inside, and nothing more. Maria Montessori was inspired to develop this helpful learning tool after […]

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Slicing A Banana

THE FIVE KEYS TO MAKING MONTESSORI MATERIALS Last week we talked about preparing our home to help our children be successful. This week, let’s focus on Montessori materials. How hard is it to make them? What should you keep in mind? The easiest Montessori materials to make at home are the ones in the Practical […]

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voila montessori Prepping A Banana

Prepping A Banana

HOW A LITTLE PREPARATION GOES A LONG WAY Many parents like to help feed or dress their children, even when the children become capable of doing it on their own, because they feel it’s a way of showing love. While parents who follow the Montessori philosophy understand that it’s important to support their child’s budding […]

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First Placemat

YOUR CHILD’S FIRST PLACEMAT Table manners… Healthy eating habits… Self-control. We all want our children to develop these abilities, but it’s hard for parents to know how and when to start! Did you know that children have the potential to develop these qualities from the time they start showing interest in solid food? While you […]

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Three-Period Language Lesson With Fruits

YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE ACADEMIC SUCCESS STARTS WITH THREE SIMPLE STEPS Thirty thousand. 30,000! That’s the number of words scientists say you should be speaking to your child daily to increase his chances of academic success. Most parents reach and exceed this magic number, but how do you know if your child is really benefiting from […]

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