Teach Your Child How to Sew a Button

While providing parenting advice to a client who explained she was overwhelmed by the amount of tasks she needed to complete each day, she noted a button on her daughter’s dress she wanted to fix as one of the many smaller items on her “to-do” list that had fallen through the cracks. A regular theme […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: matching object cards

Matching Objects to Similar Cards

Your child’s first meeting with a dog may be a magical and memorable encounter. A wagging tail, a slobbery kiss and a wet nose may be among the features that accompany the dog’s furry coat to leave a lasting impression. Aside from using your own language to introduce this new creature to your child, try […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: watering plant

Watering Plants

Involving children in daily chores is key to lowering your stress level and helping your child gain independence and important life skills. Taking the time to show them the simple step to be successful as in this watering plant activity. Find a child-size watering can and use a small piece of sponge or cloth to […]

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