Reach for These! Infant Toys.

Reach for These! Infant Toys. Whether finding the way across the carpet on all fours or manipulating objects with all five fingers, your infant is constantly expanding their physical and motor skills as they become familiar with the world around them. By placing a few visually-appealing “grasping toys” around their play area you will offer […]

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Keep Calm and Carrot On

Keep Calm and Carrot On There’s a lot that can go on in the kitchen when a recipe is made. Working on just one ingredient with your child gives them the chance to learn about just one small piece of the puzzle, without overwhelming them.  If chopped carrots are a required part of your evening […]

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Prime Your Child with the Primary Colors

Prime Your Child with the Primary Colors The “First Color Box” may look like an extremely simple and straightforward child’s activity, but that’s the point. It’s comprised of a plain wooden box with dual sets of primary color tablets stored inside, and nothing more. Maria Montessori was inspired to develop this helpful learning tool after […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: opening closing boxes 2

Opening Closing Boxes

Nesting boxes are a great alternative to take on the road, whether you are going out to eat or taking an airplane ride. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and have some simple engaging activities for your child. This type of activity helps your child develop eye-hand coordination, master the use of […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: opening closing bottles

Opening and Closing Bottles

A wonderful way to recycle all those spice or cosmetic jars is by creating a simple activity for your child, opening and closing bottles. This is a perfect way to help your child gain focus, develop dexterity of all the fingers as well as mastering eye-hand coordination and proper matching. Opening Closing Boxes (2) can […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: bracelets on peg

Bracelets on Peg

The bracelets on peg is a simple eye-hand coordination activity for the young child. This activity engages the child’s visual discrimination on the road to independence, teaching him what he is capable of doing with his hands. Bracelets on peg can be introduced as early as 8 months. Enjoy the video below and check-out the 9 […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: locks keys

Locks and Keys

This lovely exercise, which you can easily set up at home for your three-year old, is simple yet challenging. The child will explore a variety of keys and locks combinations, learning to discriminate sizes as well as refine their eye-hand coordination and the use of all the fingers working together. Your child doesn’t need expensive […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: watering plant

Watering Plants

Involving children in daily chores is key to lowering your stress level and helping your child gain independence and important life skills. Taking the time to show them the simple step to be successful as in this watering plant activity. Find a child-size watering can and use a small piece of sponge or cloth to […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: stiching block

Stitch Block

As you start thinking about holiday gifts for your children or those of family and friends, remember to question the purposeful and intelligent activity behind each toy. This stitching block is the perfect example: it helps the child refine eye-hand coordination while teaching preliminary sewing skills. Look for open-ended toys that encourage concentration and skill […]

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