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Voila Montessori has created free resources for you to use. Some are adapted from previously published documents, others are originals created by Jeanne-Marie. When sharing or re-posting, please link back to and give credit where credit is due. Enjoy! If you are looking for anything in particular make sure to let me know as well as you see anything that needs to be improved. Thanks for stopping by.

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Do it yourself instructions

Simple and easy instructions to help you create your child's Montessori home, from the Topponcino to the child's first toy shelf.

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Follow along simple guidelines to help you organize toys, create activities, encourage toilet independence and parent with love and respect.


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Psycho-Sensory Motor Development Timeline - Birth to 3

Easy to follow visual that captures the child's development during the first three years of life.

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Montessori Primary Sequence Chart

Created to assist the three to six Montessori guides as they work with children in the prepared environment. Now available in English and Spanish.

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Suggested Reading

Enhance your knowledge of early childhood development, Montessori principles, positive parenting strategies, toilet learning and brain development.

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  • We quickly implemented Jeanne-Marie’s advice and not only did the tantrum cease, but the woman in line in front of us turned and said ‘I am a Kindergarten teacher and what you just did was fabulous! Parents don’t know how to discipline anymore and that was wonderful to see!’

    Lili Gould, mother of one

  • Through her kind, intuitive and knowledgeable guidance I am becoming the parent I’ve always dreamt of having myself…Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been an absolute godsend…This experience has been eye-opening and life changing. My only regret is not to have met her sooner!

    Virginie Dor, mother of a toddler

  • Jeanne-Marie is down to earth and nurturing, all the qualities a new mom or worried mom can really benefit from. I am grateful for her advice and insight on parenting!… She is so passionate about her work with the Montessori education and loves helping people understand the philosophy.

    Dana Gabriel, mother of four

  • So, your wife is pregnant… you probably have no clue… Enter Jeanne-Marie Paynel. (She) has developed a remarkable 8-week course for expectant parents Jeanne-Marie Paynel has literally set out on a path to change our world for the better, one baby at a time.

    Tom Bewley, expectant father and professor at UCSD

  • She has given me priceless tips on how to better set up my son’s home environment and how to maximize his independence… currently expecting baby number two and will be asking her back for some more ideas… Thank you, Jeanne-Marie for all your help. Our whole family has benefited from your service!

    Colette Poy, mother of two

  • I highly recommend Jeanne-Marie to anyone looking to make parenting more joyful and intuitive. Jeanne-Marie has helped us find more joy and freedom in parenting and we can’t thank her enough!

    Lili Gould, mother of one

  • After her very first visit I was filled with hope and excitement. I could not only see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I also felt a great sense of empowerment. I couldn’t wait to get started and within 24 hours after her visit I had taken her advices and implemented her recommendations

    Virginie Dor, mother of a toddler

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