The Nine Key Points to Sharing a New Activity with Your Child

Throughout my journey as a parent and Montessori educator, I have repeatedly seen how simple activities, offered at the right time and in the right way, can have a huge impact on a child’s behavior. Children are fascinated by real objects and they will ‘work’ with them to develop different abilities. With this in mind, […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: cleaning up

Cleaning up

A child size sponge, next to a hand mitt for drying, is an essential part of a young child’s home set-up. The simple task of cleaning up a spill gives the child a sense of responsibility and the opportunity to practice sequencing, encouraging confidence and independence. This activity is ideal once the child is walking […]

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A few of my favorite things #5

What is it? Why do I like them? When are they appropriate for children*?   Russian nesting dolls, also  known as a matryoshka or babushka doll. These nesting dolls are ideal to add beauty in the child’s home and to give them the opportunity to develop their fine motor, eye hand coordination and learn the concepts of scale. If […]

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A few of my favorite things #4

  What is it? Why do I like them? When are they appropriate for children*?   Child size chair, so important to have practical and beautiful child size furniture. Found this one at the “Marché aux Puces” (flea market) in Paris, I was enthralled by how many beautiful pieces of furniture were appropriate for children (more below). 10 […]

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Less is More in Your Child’s Home

Thank you to The Mom’s Guide to San Diego, for featuring Voila Montessori!   Less is More in Your Child’s Home A “floor bed” may not be your idea of a beautiful addition to a nursery, but Jeanne-Marie Paynel of  Voila Montessori says the floor bed is central to a baby-friendly room. Long before you might explore Montessori […]

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A few of my favorite things #3

What is it, why do I like them and when* are they appropriate for children? Colored Discs On Colored Dowel, found were Montessori toys are sold. This photo was taken in one of the LePort Montessori School, where I have been giving my Guided by Baby talks. These three colored pegs help the child with visual discrimination and eye […]

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