Grab that Garlic and Peel Away!

Grab that Garlic and Peel Away! Maria Montessori understood the kitchen was more than just a place for making great food — she saw it as a laboratory for a child’s senses. Encourage your child to participate in the kitchen by setting up the simple activity of peeling cloves of garlic for a recipe you […]

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Creative Hands with Rubber Bands

Creative Hands with Rubber Bands It may look ridiculously simple, but don’t take it as such – your child won’t easily get bored with the amazing rubber band board! This straightforward toy, with its wooden pegs, allows a child to work joyously and independently as they manipulate rubber bands into various patterns and configurations. The […]

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Sharpening Pencils For A Sharper Child

Sharpening Pencils For A Sharper Child Pencils are a great instrument for your child to express themselves creatively, while their hands are what Maria Montessori once described as “the tools of intelligence.” All the more reason to provide your child with a traditional metal blade sharpener over an electric or battery-operated one, where they might […]

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The Beauty of Children Peeling Clementines

The Beauty of Children Peeling Clementines If clementines don’t immediately make you think of the old song, “Oh my darling,” you may at least find yourself gleefully singing the tune after teaching your child how to peel them. This juicy citrus fruit offers a wealth of natural learning opportunities in the kitchen, primarily allowing the […]

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Simple Montessori Activities: introducing cup

Introducing a Cup

A shot glass, not a sippy cup, should be your child’s first independent drinking utensil. Your child will learn the consequences of tilting the glass too far and of dropping it. He’ll develop greater self-control and will learn to be more careful with his belongings. The shot glass can be introduced as soon as the […]

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Cutting Away the Fear Around Scissors

Teach Your Child to Use Scissors Safely The simple exercise of cutting out paper snippets can be a highly engaging and enjoyable activity for a child, but is often daunting for the supervising parent, who may be cautiously watching over their young one handle a pair of scissors for the first time. The key to […]

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Brain Exercise with the Imbucare Box

Brain Exercise with the Imbucare Box Though you may not have necessarily heard of an imbucare box, its appearance is likely a familiar one. This remarkably simple toy has been a great source of children’s learning for generations, promoting some of the most fundamental skills to their developing brains. With its solitary insertion slot for […]

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The Power of Child-Sized Aprons and Sponges

The Power of Child-Sized Aprons and Sponges Maria Montessori is famous for having said, “To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.” Having child-size materials available in the kitchen will allow your child to avoid unnecessary struggling and will enable their concentration to fully flourish. […]

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Grating Cinnamon: A World of Discovery

Grating Cinnamon: A World of Discovery This fall, as you get ready to prepare a pumpkin pie or bake a batch of snickerdoodle cookies, consider enlisting your child’s help with the important task of grating cinnamon bark into a useable spice for the kitchen. Working with this aromatic ingredient allows the child to build a […]

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Unlock Your Child’s Concentration

Lock That Box: the Toy For Your Child’s Intelligence! At first glance a lock box may appear an ordinary choice for a children’s toy, maybe even something you wouldn’t have considered a toy in the first place. It’s the wonderful simplicity of this device, however, that makes it a great choice for a young child’s […]

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Building Confidence With Avocados

Help Your Child Mash, Watch Them Grow! The finished product might be a healthy snack of mashed avocado on toast, or maybe a savory spread for some celery sticks and crackers. Perhaps it will be a bowl of guacamole the whole family can share.

No matter the outcome, your child can feel a sense of pride […]

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